December 29, 2005

Patience Is A Virtue

Look, kids, there's serious stuff going down around the world, and the other Sandcrawler inhabitants are doing a fine job of covering them.

So indulge me.

See, I was getting ready to have some fun and smack USC around on here because Texas is a Big 12 team and I have to go with the conference if my beloved Huskers aren't playing in the championship game.

But I just discovered something that is going to stay my big mouth for 9 1/2 more months.

In the meantime, my Jawa Report brethren will continue to bring you the high quality, in-depth brand of blogging you have come to love.

And I will continue to bring you the rambling, semi-coherent, mostly unintelligible posts you have come to hijack the comments on.

Thank you and have a day.

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