December 22, 2005

Enemy Within: British Muslim Convicted

Sky News reports that a 21 year-old Briton has been convicted under British anti-terror laws:

A market stall holder has been found guilty of plotting to kill a highly-decorated British soldier who served in Iraq.

Abu Mansha, 21, was convicted of breaking anti-terror laws.

He was arrested in South London and found with a piece of paper which had the name and address of Corporal Mark Byles written on it.

Mansha apparently focused on this particular soldier because he was highly decorated:
Cpl Byles had led a "perilous" bayonet charge killing up to 20 Iraqi rebels and had won the Victoria Cross by saving 30 of his colleagues.
Mansha was also found in possession of terrorist porn, including video of the beheading of hostage Ken Bigley.

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