December 20, 2005

Honoring Mike Stokely

I saw this today and I just had to post it. Mike Stokley was a soldier that gave his all in Iraq this year. His father expresses his thoughts over at The Mudville Gazette.

Robert Stokely : For whatever reason, the last few days what Cindy Sheehan said "Casey didn't die for a just cause" has been on my mind... ...My response is that Mike didn't die for a "just cause", he died JUST BECAUSE - just because he loved his country enough to want to serve it since the time he was in middle school; just because he loved his family enough to want to protect them; just because he loved his friends enough that he would rather fight a war "there" than here; just because he believed in our order of government whereby the civilian government rules and the military obeys, and when the President, with lawful authority, calls upon soldiers to go and fight, he believed it was not only his duty, but his honor to go; just because he wouldn't let his fellow soldiers - his guys - go it alone; and just because he wanted to do for others - the Iraqi people - what he would do for his own country.
Robert Stokely, Lucky and Proud to be the Dad of SGT Michael "Mike" James Stokely, KIA Operation Iraqi Freedom 16 Aug 05 2nd Platoon, E Troop 108th CAV 48h Brigaded GA NATL GUARD 15 miles south of Baghdad near Yusufiyah / IED

Let’s remember all the other “Mike Stokelys” this week because this is just one name of many. Remeber the gifts they have given us already this year.

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