December 08, 2005

Terrorists Announce Murder of American Hostage Ronald Schulz

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Reports have begun circulating that Ronald Schulz has been murdered. The website used by The Islamic Army in Iraq, though, has not carried this message. Instead, it was posted at an Islamic bulletin board. It sometimes takes a few hours for these messages to become 'official'. We had earlier reported that the deadline had passed without word from the group.

The bloody, filthy, bastard vermin who did this should be hunted down and killed!

We will post the translated message, video, and images from it as soon as they are available.


The Islamic Army in Iraq insurgent group said on Thursday it had killed a U.S. security consultant, according to an Internet statement.

The group said the man was killed because the U.S. government did not fulfil its demands, which included the payment of compensation to Iraqis affected by U.S. attacks.

We pray that these bastards will be hunted down and shot like the vermin they are.


Yahoo has a translation of at least part of the statement posted here.

"War criminal (U.S. President George W.) Bush continues with his arrogance and no one has any value unless they serve his criminal interests, therefore the American security adviser pig at the Housing Ministry has been killed,"
A sad reminder that the terrorist scum do not consider people they deem kufr to be human. They consider the murder of this poor man the same as slaughtering an animal.UPDATE 3:22 ET AP:
White House press secretary Scott McClellan said he could not confirm the death and said he had no additional information on the matter. "Any time there is an American that is taken hostage it is a priority for the administration, and their safe return is a priority for the administration," he said.

UPDATE: Just to clarify, Schulz was captured seperately from the four Western peace activists. However, we have reason to believe his and their captivities were related. See below for details.

Ronald Schulz grew up in Jamestown, North Dakota but had recently moved to Anchorage Alaska before going to Iraq to help in the rebuilding effort (more here). His passport was shown by his terrorist captors in a hostage video released earlier this week. The video and images from it can be found here.

The Islamic Army in Iraq has also been implicated in the kidnapping of four Western peace activists. Norman Kember of England, American Thomas Fox, and Canadians James Loney and Harmeet Singh Sooden were taken hostage by an unknown group calling themselves 'The Swords of Righteousness Brigade'. However, that group has released its hostage videos on internet sites affiliated with The Islamic Army in Iraq.

Further, an examination of the document announcing that 'The Swords of Righteousness Brigade' would extend the hostage deadline reveals that the same author also prepared the Ronald Schulz announcement (thanks to Jay 87 and OvO). It is nearly certain, then, that some kind of relationship exists between The Islamic Army in Iraq and 'The Swords of Righteousnes Brigade'.

The Islamic Army in Iraq has known ties to al Qaeda and has worked with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's al Qaeda offshoot in the past. The group has murdered dozens of hostages on video in the past, including Italian journallist and Red Cross worker, Enzo Baldoni.

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