December 08, 2005

(UPDATED: Schulz Reportedly Murdered) Hostage Deadline Passes: No Word on Fate of Ronald Schulz

UPDATE: An posting from the Islamic Armyin Iraq at an Islamic bulletin board claims that Ronald Schulz has been murdered. See this post for more information.

The deadline made by a terror organization holding American Ronald Schulz hostage has passed. The Islamic Army in Iraq had threatened to murder Ronald Schulz today if the U.S. did not release all prisoners in Iraq.

We pray that the U.S. military will find Schulz and rescue him before it is too late.

Ronald Schulz grew up in Jamestown, North Dakota but had recently moved to Anchorage Alaska before going to Iraq to help in the rebuilding effort (more here). His passport was shown by his terrorist captors in a hostage video released earlier this week. The video and images from it can be found here.

The Islamic Army in Iraq has also been implicated in the kidnapping of four Western peace activists. Norman Kember of England, American Thomas Fox, and Canadians James Loney and Harmeet Singh Sooden were taken hostage by an unknown group calling themselves 'The Swords of Righteousness Brigade'. However, that group has released its hostage videos on internet sites affiliated with The Islamic Army in Iraq.

Further, an examination of the document announcing that 'The Swords of Righteousness Brigade' would extend the hostage deadline reveals that the same author also prepared the Ronald Schulz announcement (thanks to Jay 87 and OvO). It is nearly certain, then, that some kind of relationship exists between The Islamic Army in Iraq and 'The Swords of Righteousnes Brigade'.

The Islamic Army in Iraq has known ties to al Qaeda and has worked with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's al Qaeda offshoot in the past. The group has murdered dozens of hostages on video in the past, including Italian journallist and Red Cross worker, Enzo Baldoni.

We pray that these bastards will be hunted down and shot like the vermin they are.

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