December 06, 2005

(UPDATE 3: Images/Video) American Hostage RONALD SCHULZ Threatened on Video by Islamic Army in Iraq

Ronald_Schulz_hostage_video_id3.jpgUPDATE: 12/08--The Jawa Report has learned that Ronald Shulz has been murdered. See this post for update.

The Jawa Report has obtained a copy of the original video. Images from it are posted below and to the right. Unlike other hostage videos, the video edits out the terrorist sitting next to American hostage Ronald Schulz. This is very different than any other IAI produced hostage video I have seen. The image right is of Ronald Schuz's passport as seen in video. Schulz can be seen in the video speaking to one of his captors, but his voice cannot be heard.

Scroll to bottom of post for images. The video is rather large. UPDATE: Long-time Jawa collaborater and terror hunter Infovlad now has the video up here. See Dec. 7th post.

A smaller version of the video can be downloaded from Ogrish. UPDATE: The YNC also has the video here. Another update: Noted terror expert Laura Mansfield also with video--Hyscience also hosting video

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