December 06, 2005

Dean-o Wants the Spotlight Again

Howard Dean seems to have two problems these days. First off, he wants the spotlight. You can tell just by watching him for five minutes that he can't stand it when someone else gets attention. But that only compounds his second problem which is the fact that he doesn't have anything original to say. Because of this, Dean has decided to steal the Murtha-ism that we can't win in Iraq.

In a most unoriginal speech, he goes on to compare Iraq to Vietnam and insinuate that the Iraqi people are too helpless to take care of themselves. He then concludes with the most original "We cannot have our troops being targets there."

Taken along with his antics during the last Presidential primaries and his shenanigans since, this has made me see Dean in a whole new light...

It's Howie Doodie time,
It's Howie Doodie time!

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