December 06, 2005

Howard Dean Traitor and Ally to Zaqueery

Hey, don’t take this Michael’s word for it. How about Michael Reagan son of the late great President Ronald Reagan who seems to know what country he lives in? Seriously Howie Dean, Howie gets all miffed when he googles himself and you are polluting my search. Go away boy you bother me. So while Mr. Dean is just the kind of energy the Democratic party needs to fisk it’s problems, the traitor thing kind of hurts. Don’t you think? If traitor Dean put that energy to exposing the enemy what good he could do! I admit I was kind of entertained by the “OH YEAH” stuff, heck I like good comedy. But I fail to find the humor in Mr. Traitor’s latest comments.

Dean Via WOIA:

What we see today is very much like what was going in Watergate," Dean said. "It turns out there is a lot of good evidence that President Bush did not tell the truth when he was asking Congress for the power to go to war. The President said last week that Congress saw the same intelligence that he did in making the decision to go to war, and that is flat out wrong.
OK Mr. Traitor, Howie says Mr. Bush is not our enemy. Drop me a line when you wake up to who the actual enemy is. Once again the Left attacks America and gives terror a free pass.

The highly respectable Michael Reagan Via Newsmax:

Howard Dean should be arrested and hung for treason or put in a hole until the end of the Iraq war!"
Now that’s a good idea. Why is it that Joe Lieberman seems to be the only sane Democrat left in America today. And why is he under attack for loving his country? The Left has abandoned the platform that kept it relevant and acceptable to Americans in the middle since FDR in favor of attack politics and treason. Right now I’m considering my first strait ticket ballot ever in my life. I really thought Dean would be good and bring energy and core Democratic values to the Democratic Party. It seems now that hating America and loving terror is a core Democratic value.

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Oh I forgot Hat tip: Cube neighbor Dave.

So I now ask myself why? Joe came back from his fourth trip to Iraq reporting good progress as the public perception is just the opposite. The answer is politics. The left puts winning elections ahead of the actual welfare of the country. Mr. Bush has restored the credibility that America lacked after the Clinton years. He says what he means and means what he says and follows up on that. No one believed America under Clinton, he had no credibility. So do the Democrats want to return American to the sorry state that Clinton left our county in as far as credibility and willingness to back that up with actions? You might think so but really it's just politics and it they do it because it works. It’s way easier to attack and destroy than to build and the fact is they care far more about the focus groups and polls and winning an election than they do about the future of America or the freedom of the people of Iraq.

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