December 06, 2005

Conversation near See-Dubya Jr's changing table

See-Dubya: WHOA! What have you been feeding this child?
Mrs. See-Dubya: The usual. Is this a bad one?
See-Dubya: It's small, but it's, like, super-concentrated.
Mrs. See-Dubya: Ew.
See-Dubya Jr.: Blee!
See-Dubya: It's like, weaponized. It's highly enriched.
Mrs. See-Dubya: Maybe we should call in the arms guy, Bara...
See-Dubya Jr. Blee?
Mrs. See-Dubya: Not the Swedish guy, the...
See-Dubya: El-Baradei?
Mrs. See-Dubya: Him. But then he'd probably just look in the diaper and be like, "Uhh...Nope. Can't find anything!"

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