December 05, 2005

Hostage Video: "We are being treated well"

We have finally obtained portions of the unedited hostage video of four Western peace activists. The names of the four activists are American Thomas Fox--who is also a blogger, Canadians Harmeet Singh Sooden and James Loney, and British citizen Norman Kember. The Jawa Report was the first media outlet to reveal the names of the hostages.

You can watch the video here (hat tip: Shawn at Bareknucklepolitics, Ian at Political Teen, and Doubletap at Infovlad--all of whom e-mailed me)

Here is a transcript of the video, via Doubletap at Infovlad:

Thank you very much we are being treated well and we hope to be out of here soon.

Um We are being treated well we are both well all of us are well.

We are all being treated well we are sleeping ok um and um we would like to thank the people holding us for that and hopefully we will be home soon.

I ask Mr Blair to take British troops out of Iraq and leave the Iraqi people to come to their own decisions on their government.

As a representative of Christian Peace Maker Teams we feel that continued British and American occupation is not in the best interest of the Iraqi people.

The peace activists seem much more reluctant than Giuliana Sgrena to pour out their emotions.

We will be following this hostage crisis carefully.


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