December 04, 2005

Your 2005 Weblog Award Voting Guide

First off, here's the graphic for Rusty to put in the sidebar, if he's so inclined:

And now, Vinnie's voting guide to the 2005 Weblog Awards:

The Jawa Report for Best Conservative Blog (duh!)

Vince Aut Morire for Best of the 501-1000 Ecosystem Rankings (double duh! and may I note that before I moved to, I WAS in the 200's)

Armies of Liberation,
also for Best of the 501-1000 Ecosystem Rankings. (I admire Jane's work so much, I'll be voting for her too)

Merri Musings
for Best New Blog (triple duh! She's my wife, if I don't vote for her, I ain't gettin' any)

My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
for Best of the Top 250 Ecosystem Rankings (unfortunately, Wizbang turned down my request for Best Link Pimp)

Six Meat Buffet
for Best Humor/Comics Blog (bastard)

The Llamabutchers for Best Culture/Gossip Blog (huh? Since when did they get culture?)

Michael Yon for Best Media/Journalist Blog (no comment necessary)

Iraq the Model for Best Middle Eastern/Africa Blog

Free Thoughts for Best European Non UK Blog

Those are my hard votes. Nothing or no one will dissuade me from them.

The rest of the finalists, however, are more than welcome to suck up to me either in the comments or at

Good luck and let the (friendly!) blog wars begin!

One last thing. Two extremely good blogs did not make it into the finalists. You should be reading them anyway.

Clarity And Resolve

Something...and Half of Something

(sooper sekrit note to Rusty, yes, this is a shameless blogroll request for these two. You owe me for the award I gave you last year. Heh.)

(ps to the sooper sekrit note. Da Wife would like to be there too, which is to your advantage. I have cleavage pics to trade)

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