December 03, 2005

The Window is Closing

Even as Iran prepares to kick out inspectors once again, they are arming their sites with Russian SAMS to defend against air attacks. According to Jed Babbin, who I wish gave a source for that fact, Israel's aircraft will no longer be able to reach Iran's nuclear sites once these high-tech SAMS are in place. Only our stealth fighters will.

Maybe that will give us some clarity. I have been hoping for so long Israel would just go ahead and Osirak some of these sites--obviously we can't get them all, but if we shoot in the middle of the SAMS in, e.g., Nataz or Isfahan. Now either they do it by the time these new SAMS get in place, or we do. And I'm sure they don't want to do it.

Why Russia is so blithely proliferating nuclear weapons is a subject for another post sometime, but it looks to me like the NPT and the IAEA have become about as relevant to international politics as a UN General Council resolution.

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