November 30, 2005

WTW Deersicles

Yeah I reckon I had best rant about something. So first of all my dog who is black as coal but won’t leave me alone since I put that deer in the freezer. He says he wants a deersicle. Bad dog, daddy’s deer meat, go lay down!! Then we have old DUKE who is not a dog but forgot who his master is. Really DUKE who did you work for? Can’t say much for the way the system is running right now look what it did for old DUKE. I pretty much figure that about 534 others need to take a look at this. I can understand the salary that “we the people” pay you pales in comparison to the real money in politics. That might lead to a little confusion about who you are working for, so let me remind you. It’s the people who you represented dipshit. Nothing pisses me off like scraping around all year for nickels and dimes only to see this crap. And it’s not just one side of the isle. People like Jackass Abramof lobby both sides. Maybe the people should put a boot up both sides ass to you know kind of remind them. It’s hard to forget who you are working for when he has a size 13 shoe up your rectum. Speaking of rectum, DUKE a word of advice I hope you saved back a few bucks for rectum protection. So look at what greed has done in this case. Taken a fine man and 8 term congressman and made him into a slave to the money and left the people holding the bill.

So while I’m all pissed and stuff we have another big giant rectum out there somewhere hacking Grey Eagle’s site. Mr. Right emails again today that Anna, his co-blogger (see got that right this time), is calling our attention to Grey Eagles plight again. So another size 13 boot should be fit snugly in some hack bastard’s sphincter.

Here are your White Trash Wednesday bloggers

Oh why I’m at it that damn deer that ran in front of a car last night caused some other moron to drive up and down the road back and forth in his pick em up truck looking for the road kill. Ok so first of all at least a good part of the meat is ruined, bruised beyond recovery so why keep me up for and hour? Go buy a spotlight your truck had every other light and glass packs, you can afford one. So it’s road kill I’ve eaten that before but I was trying to sleep and your constant rumm rumm back and forth at 3:00 am pissed me off. Hell knock and I’d give you a nice deer roast just to get back to sleep.

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