November 30, 2005

Every Picture Tells a Story(Update)

Yes vacation over. I could have taken another year or so off cept for I need the money. But look what falls into my lap this AM on MYYAHOO. Plus I see we have a new font. Wow I did miss a lot. Whew I'm worn out from all that resting.

Updated : Howie has picked a winner for this one tough job.

Caption this pic of Cindy's book signing last week in Crawford Texas. I mean just look at the line.

Winner Graeme :

Even during moments of mind numbing boredom, Cindy Sheehan still wasn't willing to read her own book.

Honorable mention Thirdee:

We should've had refreshments.
and kanerogers:

V the K does not win cause his captions are on his blog not here, but read em here anyway. Good title too.

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