November 21, 2005

OU Bomber Used TATP

We will grant that University of Oklahoma suicide bomber Joel Henry Hinrichs III may have not been part of a larger Islamic plot.

But I think the larger issue is being missed here: if you want to blow yourself up, which major world-wide religion do you consult for the expertise?

No, it's not the Mennonites.

Denver Channel:

FBI agents found the same type of volatile high explosive believe to have been used in the suicide bombings in London inside the apartment of a University of Oklahoma student who blew himself up near a packed football stadium, according to newly released documents.

....The FBI also found Hinrichs downloaded from the Internet "numerous text and image files" on weapons and explosives, including one on TATP four days before his death.

One video on his computer depicted a lit match being placed above a white powder then a bright flash.

Paranthetically, I also have a number of "'numerous text and image files on weapons and explosives', including one on TATP" and a video depicting a "lit match being placed above a white powder then a bright flash" on my computer. Of course, I got all of said images and videos from jihadi forums.
The FBI also discovered "explosive experiments and paraphernalia" and 0.4 pounds of a white powder that turned out to be triacetone triperoxide, or TATP, which is composed of hydrogen peroxide and acetone, according to warrants to search the home of Joel Henry Hinrichs III.
So, the case against Hinrichs seems to be closed for the FBI. He was a lone suicidial nut. Perhaps the only meaningful Islamic connection here is Hinrichs' source of inspiration: Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al Qaeda, etc.

Even so, that is saying a lot.......

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