November 21, 2005

Bloggie Goodness

Okay, so Instapundit has cornered the market on referral posts. I'm not Glenn Reynolds, but I do play one on T.V.

Project Hero: 1LT Brian R. Chontosh receives Navy Cross. God bless our heroes serving in Iraq.

Don't question Murtha's patriotism! Ever. Any one who would question Murtha's patriotism cannot be, by definition, a patriot. More Murtha lunacy here. Fellow Jawa blogger, Chris Short, discusses last Friday's vote.

Plame-gate continues. Am I the only one that finds this 'story' a little boring.

Why Republicans are such pussies when it comes to fighting illegal immigration.

Me on a deck of cards? Awesome-o! Vote for Jawa!!!

Help Meryl Yourish find a job. No, 'professional blogger' is still not a 'job'.

Decision '08 turns numero uno. And to think I knew Mark when he was just a twinkle in Glenn Reynold's eye.

Judicial tyranny in....wait for it...Israel. Apparently the repurcussions of Marbury v. Madison know no boundaries.

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