November 20, 2005

Blogger Support Needed

Howie does requests so here we go with this one from Mr. Right vacation be damned.

I apologize for the mass e-mailing, but this is just too disgusting for words!

My co-blogger at The Right Place, Anna (also of A Rose by Any Other Name, ), has twice written about the plight of a small MilBlog run by Grey Eagle. First, Anna asked people to drop by and post some encouraging words after she noticed some very rude and disgusting comments being left there by leftwing trolls.

I thought that was the end of it, but Anna has just recently posted again about Grey Eagle's blog after she visited once more and saw the newest post Grey Eagle had at the top.

I couldn't find a permalink at Grey Eagle's site, A Female Soldier 2, but as of my writing this, it was still the top post.

I can certainly understand that. Seems some trolls just don’t know when to quit. I seem to remember one calling the queen of England a fat beotch on a London bombing thread. So I can see how it gets to a person. So blog on Anna and you know to troll an “Honor the Dead Thread” just plain sucks. So I hope Anna keeps it up. Mr. Right sent me a copy of the post and I’ll post it in the extended entry but really surf over there and show your support for Anna.

Update: Me Screw up duh

Thanks for the links, Howie!

Just to clear things up a bit, Anna is my co-blogger and was writing ABOUT a MilBlogger named Grey Eagle who runs A Female Soldier 2, which is the blog that has been under assault.

It is Grey Eagle who needs the words of support and encouragement, not Anna.

Sorry for any confusion my letter may have caused.

Sorry for any confusion I may have caused. I was in a hurry on dialup and I sucked. But I'm used to that so Support both bloggers and Mr Right. I now return myself to my regularly scheduled vacation.

Congratulations To Those Who Oppose The Soldiers

I wish to express my congratulations to the hackers, vandals, and anti-war visitors who successfully blocked my ability to post any further tributes to the soldiers. I am sure you find victory in preventing myself and others from having a place to read and pay our respects to the Fallen Female Soldiers, and my brother's in arms, the brave soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division. I can only imagine your satisfaction in justifying the disgrace of men and women who died for this country. You may not feel it was justified, but they gave their lives believing in what they were doing. Apparently freedom of speech is merely a phrase to you, not something you believe, in unless it applies to you. If you do not share the person's view you justify your actions in removing the ability for them to express their opinions. In doing so, you have only displayed to me that your cause is unjust, and strengthen my resolve and beliefs in what we are doing here. You have dishonored those who did believe in something, and toke away my right to mourn their memories. These were men and women who actually took a stand in what they believed in, sacrificed their time with their families, and put themselves in danger simply because they believed in something. So to support your beliefs what have you done? Oh, that is right, you took away my freedom to pay tribute and mourn my fellow soldiers.

I have never took away anyone's freedom to post their views here. It was my belief that if I was to fight and defend freedom, then that would have to be for all, regardless of whether I believed in your views or not. I never deleted your comments or views, and rarely stepped in to oppose them or prevent your expression of them. I even went as far as to give you a forum on the website at my expense to present your views in open debate. But you hacked that, and prevented anyone from presenting their views. I guess that is your version of freedom of speech that you believe in so dearly in.

I have read without intervention your mindless presentations of life here and the harm we supposedly do to the Iraqi's, yet you have never set foot on the soil here. I read the post of phosphorus bombs and wondered if you ever look beyond what you wanted to believe to discover the truth, or do you just mold it until you are able to shape it into some sort of viewpoint. Were you here during that time? I do not believe so, otherwise you would agree with others who were actually here, and actually witnessed the events. The phosphorus bombs were a more humane effort to dislodge a group of insurgents that had attacked and engaged U.S. troops. The military did not want to blow apart the entire area and the structures in it, as well as bring harm to those innocent in the attack. So this method was elected, to prevent further destruction and loss of innocent lives. I know that we do not share the same viewpoint here, but I continue to believe that if you do not wish to die at the hand of U.S. soldiers, then you should not attack them and attempt to kill them. They will happily spare your life if you refrain from attacking them. Please in the future do not post your tributes to the insurgents who kill hundreds of innocent women and children in Iraq. And to answer your question, yes many of those innocent Iraqi's are brought to military facilities for the finest in medical care possible as innocent victims of the terrorist you seem to support. So I have had the opportunity to see the horrible damage to a human body that a suicide bomber can do, and look in their faces, and not know what to say or how to explain how one of their own countrymen could do this to them. I seriously doubt that you have ever know that pain, that I felt in my heart when the Blackhawks landed with these people. So save your ridiculous accusations about me, what I do, what I feel, or the devoted men and women who serve here that saved the lives of those people that your precious noble terrorists that you defend so freely, attempted to destroy with their suicide bombs.

I stood on the runway the other day with Charlie Company. We were part of what is called a "ramp ceremony" in which we line up to pay our respects as the fallen soldiers in flag draped coffins are carried by to be loaded in C130 aircraft for their final trip home. I was very moved by this experience and wished to post it on my tribute which I have invested countless hours and cost to present to myself and others who are more respectful and obviously take the freedoms granted to you as American's more seriously. But I was unable to, thanks to your prevention of my rights. I am so glad to know that I am here defending your rights to speech and your ability to remove mine.

So it is with disgusted congratulations that I give you the recognition you so obviously require and let you know that you blocked further postings for now of fallen soldiers. I am sure you feel proud as American's, as human's in a free society, and of fully taking advantage of the freedoms I offered you on this website. It is true that I have very limited time here to spend constantly updating, backing up and re-uploading this website. Somehow the mortars, the small arms fire, and the wounded soldiers that arrive here daily prevent me from devoting the time required to monitor and prevent your attacks to the website. In addition, I receive no contributions, donations and have never asked for anything in presenting this website and have absorbed all the cost and additional costs in the increased bandwidth and attacks you carry out on my website out of my own pocket. So take this victory against my fallen brother in arms with pride.

To those who have not devoted as much energy to the destruction of this website and my rights, I do want to thank you for your continued support and the wonderful email I receive daily. I want you to know that not only I read your message, but many of the other soldiers here read them as well. As the holidays approach us and we are away from our families that means a lot more then you will ever know. A special thanks to PJ and the Web Of Support community for their wonderful care packages that have arrived (if you wish to give please contact them). It was like Christmas here as we opened our boxes of treats. We have also received care packages from other caring individuals and we appreciated them so much. Just to know that we are not alone, and the world has not turned against us and our efforts can be a very moving and powerful moment for us when we get our mail and our packages.

Finally, I wish to say that a soldier wounded from shrapnel awoke the other day after being unconscious from his wounds. His eyes are etched into my memory as he discovered he was alive, safe, and among his fellow soldiers. In that moment, I knew that everything I had sacrificed in my life, that this holiday season away from my husband and children, that the lack of sleep, the long days, and my personal sadness at times from the separation are worth it. Sometimes there are causes worth serving that are greater then ourselves.

Happy Thanksgiving and Holidays,
Grey Eagle

I am requesting a blog burst on this to let this brave woman and all her comrades in arms know that there are still many more of us out here who love, respect and support the men and women serving this country in uniform than there are those who would commit such despicable acts!

To those who pick up the mantle on this, thank you! God bless you all and God bless America!

"Mr. Right"
The Right Place

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