November 20, 2005

Hysterical Left Begins Building New Lie: "She Called Murtha a Coward"

"He also asked me to send Congressman Murtha a message that, 'Cowards cut and run, Marines never do'." - Congresswoman Jean Schmidt (R) Ohio
The latest burning question: Who called Democratic congressman Jack Murtha a "coward"? Was it Jean Schmidt, or a Marine Reserve colonel?

Reality and common sense have been lost in the hysteria. Read the quote. Neither called Murtha a "coward". Certainly not Schmidt, who was relaying a quote from a constituent, a colonel in the Marine Reserve. And the Marine didn't call Murtha a coward, either, if one takes the time to read the quote for comprehension, which few seem willing to do.

The Marine, quite clearly, is reminding Murtha that the accepted Marine tradition is "Reteat? Hell!" not the immediate and ignominious withdrawal that Murtha had publicly advocated. The Marine is admonishing Murtha that ignominious withdrawal is not a part of the Marine tradition. The Marine is trying to prod Murtha into doing the right thing, i.e., withdraw the call for surrender. The Marine is correct.

When Schmidt relayed her constituent's message on the floor of the House Friday, she touched off such a firestorm of hysterical weeping and gnashing of teeth that she was forced to withdraw her comments from the Congressional Record. Now, leftist bloggers and mainstream media propagandists are trying to twist the public perception of Schmidt's remarks into a meme that will serve their purpose, Democratic victory at any cost.

Not surprisingly (to anyone who reads the Gray Lady regularly) Jason DeParle, writing in the New York Times gets the story wrong, even while quoting Schmidt directly:

So when Representative Jean Schmidt, an Ohio Republican, created a furor on her 75th day in Congress by lobbing the word "coward" toward a Democratic war hero, those who know her best were anything but surprised.
The only mystery about DeParle's piece is whether the mistake is accidental or deliberate. It's possible, but not likely, that DeParle didn't understand exactly what Schmidt said. More likely, the NYT, as is their wont, made the mischaracterization on purpose. The Left lobe of the blogosphere is gleefully following the mainstream lead.

From leftie blog Bazzfazz

"A fellow congressperson (Rep. Jean Schmitt from Ohio) called Murtha a coward..."
Shakespeare's Sister offers us way too much information:
"I was watching it live, and almost shit my breeks when she called Murtha a coward."
Even gay alleged conservative Andrew Sullivan, who should know better, joined the Leftist meme creation frenzy, while quoting Schmidt's remarks in full:
SHE CALLED MURTHA A COWARD: Republican Congresswoman Jean Schmidt called Jack Murtha a coward this afternoon, unworthy of the Marines, on the House floor.
I always suspected that Sully was a mole. His dishonesty in spreading this distortion strengthens that suspicion.

There are only two possibilities here. Anyone who says that Jean Schmidt called Murtha a "coward" is either incapable of comprehending spoken English, or deliberately lying for political gain.

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