November 18, 2005

Imam Warns Muslim Lingerie Model to Stop Modeling in her Underwear

michelle_leslie_lingerie.jpgHot Muslim model Michelle Leslie has been warned by Muslim leaders that it is un-Islamic to model lingerie. The Australian model apparently converted to Islam as a way to convince a Bali court to reduce her drug sentence to the minimum.

UPDATE: The original indictment was for 15 years, but after her 'conversion' to Islam, the sentence was reduced to 3 months. Also of interest is that the nude pics once in her model portfolio have apparently been removed. Wouldn't want to offend the Islamic court in Indonesia.....

The Courier-Mail:

AN Islamic leader has warned convicted drug user Michelle Leslie not to continue living as a Muslim if she plans to go back to modelling underwear.

But even as an Indonesian court imposed a three-month sentence which will see her out of jail as early as today, the Australian fashion industry was preparing for her return, with claims she already has two assignments booked.

Leslie's final appearance in the Bali court yesterday was without the Muslim headdress she adopted at the start of her trial after announcing her conversion to Islam. ....

Australian Federation of Islamic Councils president Dr Ameer Ali said: "If she is a practising Muslim, I don't think she should go back to her job as an underwear model – because Islam is all about modesty. "She can't have it both ways . . . either practise Islam and do something decent, or don't practise it at all."

According to the Islamic faith, a practising Muslim must observe a set of rules including being honourable, dignified, gracious, law-abiding, modest, clean – and not consuming drugs or alcohol.

For the love of all that is holy, go back to modeling underwear! Allah demands that you go back to modeling underwear!!!

Which Michelle Leslie do you support?

a) Muslim Michelle Leslie?


b) Infidel Michelle Leslie?


More Infidel Michelle Leslie pics below (CLICK FOR LARGER PICS)

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