November 17, 2005

Iraq Onanism: The Return of Rusty Shackleford

Rusty Shackleford stops blogging for a couple of months and the nation goes all wobbly.

To pull out of Iraq now is to lose the war. We cannot lose this war in Iraq, too much is at stake. Lives are at stake. Our national security is at stake. The long-term survival of liberal democracy is at stake.

To pull out will be to prove the Abu Musab al Zarqawi's and bin Laden's of the world correct: Western democracies do not have what it takes to stick out a hard fight. Their war in Iraq has always been the Afghanistan strategy--a war of attrition. The bin Ladenists will proclaim victory and redouble their efforts.

All this defeatist talk of early withdrawal from Iraq brings to mind the story, out of Genesis, of the sons of Judah. Onan was condemned in the Bible for, excuse the metaphor, pulling out too early as well. The sin, commonly misunderstood by Christians to be masturbation, was actually that Onan was under obligation to raise children to his dead brother. By spilling his seed on the ground, rather than impregnating his brother's widow, Onan did not finish the job he had started. Onan failed to live up to his obligation to his dead brother, so "What [Onan] did was wicked in the LORD's sight; so [the Lord] put him to death."

It appears that the LORD was more than a bit pissed at Onan's premature withdrawal. I am a bit pissed myself at the far more serious prospect of withdrawing from Iraq before we have crushed our enemies and left a legacy to that country that we can be proud of.

We are under obligation to our dead comrades in Iraq. If we do not finish the job, they will have died in vain. There are worse things than dying in war, dying in a lost war is one of them.

I'm back. Driven to blog by all this defeatist bullshit coming out of the Democrats' mouths. Administrations do not wage wars, nations do. So, yes, not supporting the war is the same as not supporting the nation you treasonous twits. We are at war, and the last time I checked the Democrats were a part of we. Until we win this war I will do my part. In the meantime:


Update: Tammy Bruce, good gay, chimes in:

Think about it this way--what if during World War II the Republicans kept arguing that the war was a "quagmire" and that President Roosevelt "lied" about Pearl Harbor, and that the Germans had done nothing to us, as a result he had "misled" us into the war. Then they start asking for a "time table" to get out of Europe. Does that sound normal to you? Or reasonable? Or does it sound like a defeatist, Hate-America first attitude? It certainly would have been manna to the ears of Hitler and Tojo.

Here is the time table for all war: it ends when the enemy is vanquished. The time table for Europe was when the Axis Powers all eventually surrendered, and it will be so as we face and fight the new facist enemy. It's now obscene what the Dems are doing and has moved far past the "loyal opposition" expected of the minority.

It's about time the White House respond to the absurdity of the Dems. Their attacks are not only ridiculous and old, they put this entire nation in increasing danger as our enemies look for more ways to kill our families and destroy civilization. This is not a game, but the Dems are treating it as though it were. Shame on them.

(HT: John Hawkins)

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