November 16, 2005

Will Work For Crack Campaign

(Kelowna, British Columbia) There's a politician, Andrew Uitvlugt, running for the mayor's office in Kelowna who has proposed a very creative solution to the problem of litter.


Andrew Uitvlugt says crack cocaine could be used as a reward for drug-addicted homeless people to pick up garbage.

"So what I propose to do is to possibly motivate people with drugs to do constructive work, like get them out there picking up garbage, and then we'll give them some crack," he says on the website in a wacky video campaign pitch.

"Now what'll happen here is, after they're done picking up their garbage, they're going to feel somewhat good, they're going to think to themselves, 'You know, I did a good job today.' And they're going to maybe need less crack."

You can see Uitvlugt's campaign video here.

Besides not having a clue on how to pronounce his name, I suspect that Uitvlugt hasn't considered that his proposal would likely result in an increase in garbage along with an increase in people desiring to pick up garbage.

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