November 11, 2005

Friday Sandcrawler PSA

First as always lately let me thank our guest posters for another great week.

Thanks to Demosophist.
Mike Pechar.
See-Dubya who also posts here.
Chris Short.
The Dread Pundit Bluto.
Chad Evans.
Jane from Armies of Liberation.

Second Pixi Misa says that will be moving to new servers over the weekend. Expect to see some flakey stuff but also expect that next week this thing will run like striped ass mule. Over the weekend you should be able to read The Jawa Report and other blogs but temporary flakeyness or lack of comment boxes just means Pixi Misa is working on it. Please be patient it’s hard to keep all these blips running around in order. If a computer works right it is normally because somebody was just too stubborn to let the damn thing win. So below I present a boat load of links from this week. Yes the best of the best except for a few things that got by me. This post is open to all track backs The Jawa Report did one two Fridays ago and got a good response. I’ll do that every other week till Rusty gets back to us. Speaking of Rusty, he did post today so don’t miss that.

Congratulations to The Politburo Diktat who celebrates one million hits and two years on the blogosphere.
One year blogiversary for Reverse Vampire.
Spy vs. Spy

Opinionjournal:Know the truth about cover--that it is the Achilles' heel of the clandestine service--and you will begin to appreciate how deeply dysfunctional the operations directorate has been for years. Only a profoundly unserious Counter-Proliferation Division would have sent Mr. Wilson on an eight-day walkabout in Niger to uncover the truth about uranium sales to Saddam Hussein and then allowed him to give an oral report.

Right Wing Nuthouse discusses left wingnut.
It takes a special kind of stupidity to believe that you are right when everyone else on the planet says you’re wrong:

Liar Liar pants on fire.
All the French bullshit we can now throw right back at them.
What happened? Ed can tell you.
At least somebody appreciates us.
Patriot Act limits get support.
Make it glow baby.
Daddy does why this “old” gun have plastic stock? Well sit down sugar and I’ll tell you.
Few WWI vets remain living.
Support your Jawa commentators. If looks like a duck quacks like a duck, yep duck. CM wings CDBDIs.
Marines turn 230.
Filthy is cooking lamb this week and it’s oh so tender like me.
Entire transcript of Mr. Bush speech to veterans today.

Also after last weeks tornadoes several Evansville TV and Radio stations combined forces with our PBS station's call center and raised 1,250,000 bucks for tornado relief. The fundraiser benefited the Evansville Red Cross and Salvation Army. In fact the phone lines were backed up so bad that they may open them again this weekend See WTVW for more info. We are down to about 300 homes without power and don’t worry Midwesterners TKOB so while we welcome all help we realize that the south has it much worse.

Due to the shortage of boobie posts this week click below.

This has been a Sandcrawler PSA.

Ok so I've been really busy but ther is a light at the end of the tunnel. Howie who had hardly a day off since February is taking vacation from 11/19 through 11/27 so be ready. I may post just a bit but I intend to touch computers as little as possible during those nine days. I need the time off I've had it.

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