November 11, 2005

Canadian Jihad Website Shuts Down

Jihad Unspun, an English language website devoted to supporting terrorism, is shutting down. The Canadian based website was notorious for its overt support of terrorists actively engaged in fighting against fellow Canadian citizens.

The website claims it is shutting down because of a "decline in credible third party information sources and a lack of translation resources."

However, sources close to The Jawa Report claim that Jihad Unspun and its publisher, Khadija Abdul Qahaarbeen, have been under criminal investigation by Canadian authorities for some time. In addition to calling for armed resistance against Canadian troops in Afghanistan the website routinely publishes content which could be construed as 'hate speech' under Canadian law.

In April the U.S. State Department posted on its Web site an article entitled, A Trio of Disinformers: Islam Memo, Muhammad Abu Nasr, and Jihad Unspun." After noting that the Web site was owned by a Canadian woman who converted to Islam the article commented, "'Jihad Unspun' has a track record of spreading very unreliable allegations." (UPI)

The website has published many inflammatory articles in the past. For instance, Jihad Unspun published an article claiming that a U.S. soldier murdered a little girl on a bet.



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