November 08, 2005

Ze Riots In Francais

I haven't commented on these riots in France (and most of Europe for that matter) because they are simply ludicrous. Why? You don't immigrate to a country to make it your own or to carve out your own enclave. Unless, of course, you're Muslim. It's a well known fact that if you're a non-Muslim in Muslim lands that you are required to do one of three things:

1) Convert to Islam
2) Pay a heavy fine or tax
3) Be put to death

If you're a Muslim and are offended by this dark spot in the Quaran I'm bringing up then maybe it's time to think about what your religion really stands for.

Let's put a few things together here. A Muslim in France immigrated there because of "opportunity". However, after a year or two of living in France the Muslim finds that the opportunity in socialist France is quite limited. The Muslims all start to recognize this and begin congregating in neighborhoods, mosques, and communities and start seeing that there are many more people like them. Eventually, a "just outside of mainstream" Muslim is going to recognize this. Then the pressure to further grow Allah's lands comes down from a handful of imams and Islamic religious leaders. At that point, all you need is a spark and apparently the Muslim rioters across Europe have found that spark and they won't be stopped until the land is Allah's or a ten year peace is established (read up on the significance of ten year peace agreements in a history of Islam).

The riots in France (the supposed leader of Europe) are well into their second week. The riots have spilled out of France and into other countries in Europe. So what should the French do? I would have dropped the hammer a while ago and stopped putting out the fires and started shooting the people starting them. But that's not the French's style. Instead, the French president Jacques Chirac is allowing curfews. Way to show that muscle France!

It's been said a few times before but Europe is the next battleground in the war on terror and the weakness of countries like France is evidence as to why.

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