November 02, 2005

To Hell With the Navy! GO AIR FORCE!

Don't listen to Vinnie, he's used to being underway or something. The way to donate to Project Valour-IT is for the US Air Force team headed up by The Mudville Gazette.

I'm in the US Air Force and I was able to come up with $25.00 so I know you wealthy civilians can give at least ten bucks.

UPDATE: Vinnie thinks he's cool by updating his post and date/time group. Figures the USN backers would resort to dirty, low-blow tricks.

UPDATE: Vinnie and I have come to a mutual agreement regarding the positioning of our posts. Vinnie now understands that the US Air Force flies higher than the US Navy and that regardless of what team you contribute to we appreciate everything you're doing for our brothers and sisters in arms.

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