October 31, 2005

Pictures of Key West During and After Wilma

These photos of Wilma's devastation are courtesy of a friend who stayed on the island during the storm, for want of better judgment. The pictures are of a place that people who have been to Key West might know--a local eatery called Louie's Back Yard--together with an absolutely awesome picture from my friend's balcony during the storm surge.

Louie's Back Yard

What's left of Louie’s Back Yard
My neice was a waitress there. One could sit on the deck, sipping something stronger than cola next to a huge Banyan tree, to watch the ships sail in and out of the channel at dusk:

Channel at Dusk

Here's a picture of the Back Yard during better times, with a couple of attractive locals:

Banyan Tree

Dog Beach

What's left of Dog Beach
As seen from what's left of Louie's Back Yard. Dog Beach was a small stretch of public beach, kept that way for the sake of the neighborhood's pooch population.

Storm Surge

This is a picture from my friend's balcony, taken as the storm surge was rolling in. Everything to the right of those posts ought to be landscaping and garden, not sea.

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