October 31, 2005

Col Todd Wood Killed in Iraq by Bombers.

The highest ranking member of our fine military killed in Iraq died today. He was killed by a cowardly bomber. Col. Wood died in the line of duty leading his men.

CNN: Wood, based at Forward Operating Base Falcon in the northern province of Babil, had responded to a roadside bomb Thursday and was giving orders to his men as they secured the area when a secondary explosion blew him backwards into a canal, killing him instantly, the military said.
Wood, 44, was based at Fort Stewart, Georgia. He is survived by his wife and daughter.

Thanks for your service and sacrifice Mr. Wood and Family our prayers are with you and with all our men fighting so hard this week.

Corrected 11/10/05/ A reader has pointed out the COL Wood was 44 not 42 and his Child was a daughter. My apologies.

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