October 31, 2005

Uh swamped.

Due to incredible demand for links and also due to my crushing will it never end schedule another linkfest. Let’s see gotta do that and this and this and that too. I’m also on Chili & Trick or Treater detail tonight. Whew!!! I swear I won’t do another one till Friday.

Israel vs Islamic Jihad.

FOXNEWS: Israeli forces encircled a house in the West Bank town of Qabatiyeh after sundown Sunday in pursuit of two militants linked to a deadly homicide bombing in central Israel last week. The two men opened fire on the troops and tried to flee the house, so the soldiers opened fire and killed them, the army said

Iranian opposition calls Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a Moron. Ok so I can agree with that.

FOXNEWS:Ahmadinejad's remarks harmed Iran. It was irresponsible and illogical," said Rajabali Mazrouei, a prominent reformer and former deputy. "We can't be more extremist than Palestinians themselves".

Paris Riots Continue. Nope Jihad Watch is not down.

UN Security Council passes resolution against Iran.

CNN:The resolution is under Chapter 7 of the U.N. Charter, which holds open the ultimate possibility of the Security Council considering the use of force with failure to comply. Speaking in Monday's meeting, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the resolution "made it clear that failure to comply with these demands will lead to serious consequences from the international community." She called the Chapter 7 resolution "the only way to compel the Syrians" to cooperate

Yahoo trolls Howie to click on this with the title “Iraqi VP’s Brother Killed”. Actually it was a bunch of MSM whiny crap.

Michelle Malkin has a Trick or Treat bag full of Info and links on Judge Alito. See Balloon Juice on the upcoming debate that is going to happen like it or not.

In case you are wondering about the gang of fourteen He sure don't seem extraordinary to me so far.

Is Joe Wilson a lying troll? Up yep looks that way.

Hat Tip: Jawa Readers.


Califonia Conservative: a mighty coalition consisting of Jacques Chirac, Gerhardt Schroeder, George Galloway, Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, Sean Penn and Martin Sheen, all led by the U.N.’s Kofi Annan, would’ve written some very forceful correspondence using the strongest language known to diplomacy — maybe even produced an accompanying music video.

Really Scary.

Dear readers, it’s a time to puke.

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