October 28, 2005

Friday Link Dump & Open Thread.

And as last week a big thanks to all the guest posters and regulars who have helped out this week. I linked you all here last week. Well except Jane. If I’ve missed anyone please email me. Let’s all pat ourselves on the back. It’s hard to find people who will work for Republic credits. Did anyone else have problems with those at the bank? They ran me off. Something about they only take Imperial credits now.

If you have a post you want attention for link this post and send a trackback. The Jawa Report will issue a Fatwa on you and boom link city.

Woman Fired as Husband is Deployed.

How nice of you to relieve her of that silly job she had now she can worry about her hubby seven days a week 24 hours a day.

Nose On your face Halloween fun and why Harriet Myers won’t be trick or treating at the Whitehouse.

Eight lives left.

Hellvis, Rock & Roll!!

Sulu is bad gay. All those looks of fear were generated by forcing him to look at Nurse Chapel.

A must read from the La Times.

LA Times:Be warned, senator: If Democrats become the "let's treat Iraq as we treated Vietnam" party, the public will turn away in revulsion, and the Democratic Party will die. It's not in such great shape anyhow.

Halloween hanging.

Reader Love mail: A Turkey from Turkey It’s been a week or so lets surprise him if his email is valid.

f*ck u mother f*cke5rs sitting on ur fat pusssies thinking ur alll goood u know wat i f*ck u and ur muummma ikilll u jewish f*ccckers

On a personal note Shane here at work blogs on journal space but was a bit shy about the URL. Says he pissed off Da Oyster with some stuff he posted. Oyster?

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