October 28, 2005

Forbes Calls Bloggers Dangerous.

It’s official blogs have graduated from the interesting oddity of the day to a real threat to established power. The first indication is Denny Hastert has started a blog. Now Forbes Magazine has taken notice. Yes blogger power is uncontrolled, untamed. No matter left or right ordinary people are not supposed to be able to speak. It bucks the system and the system wants control. This is not a left or right issue it is a freedom issue.

I've one thing to say here: Well F*ck you very much Forbes!!!

Others: Micropersuasion, La Shawn Barber’s Corner and Damianpenny.

Below I will list my qualifications to post here. If you are not taking part in the greatest revolution in speech since the US constitution, better get with it. The powers that be don’t like it. It will not be Denny they will want to silence.

1 : username.
2 : password.
3 : balls.

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