October 28, 2005

Tony Blair Talks Back to Iran.

After Wednesdays display of stupid by Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad followed almost immediately by Islamic Jihad’s bombing in Israel. Tony Blair has had enough. Islamic Jihad is supported by Iran and has headquarters in Damascus Syria.

Times of LondonTimes of London: Ending a one-day European Union summit, the Prime Minister called the explosive declaration by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday a disgrace. Promising discussions with Washington and other allies over how to react, Mr Blair said that he had often been urged not to take action against Iran. But he added: “If they carry on like this the question people will be asking us is — when are you going to do something about Iran? Can you imagine a State like that with an attitude like that having nuclear weapons?”

As Rusty just said Iran is raising the stakes. I think they are betting the US and Britain can’t muster a response. With George W Bush and Tony Blair in the mix along with emerging democracy on two borders and an internal democracy movement I feel it’s a bad bet. Yes it’s time to deal with Iran and Syria. The struggle against intolerant nations will not be easily won. As you can see appeasement does not work. The EU has been trying that and Iran has thumbed their nose at all of us. If we fail to act they will only become more emboldened and dangerous.

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