October 27, 2005

Stop Attacking the American Journalist

Thats the title of an article in the Yemen Times defending me by Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani, the Yemeni editor the bloggers helped me circulate a petition for. He was granted amnesty a week later (this was back in March.) Sometimes payback is not a beeyotch.

It discusses the Yemeni regime's attempts to contact me before they decided to start calling me a Zionist and numerous other nasty names in the governmental papers.

So this line is pretty funny: The question, which has been raised, is that how is it possible for the President’s journalist Mr. Sanabani to meet a Zionist writer.

Is that snark? Translated from Arabic it still comes through as snark.


Update: me bud d-rod asks the eturnal question Why? Maybe its my articles like this one about the criminal activities of the Yemeni president or maybe this one about attacks on the Yemeni journalists. My articles also get translated into Arabic and published in Yemen, so I'm blowing their propaganda in the West and inside Yemen.

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