October 25, 2005

Drooling Banjos *Updated*

The MSM continues to monitor the body count in Iraq like some warped type of fantasy sports game.

Witness this excerpt from an Associatedantiamerican Press article concerning the Islamotard attack on the Palestine Hotel today:

But the toll among American service members killed in the Iraq war reached 1,997 with the announcement of a Marine killed Sunday during fighting in western Iraq.

Since the beginning of 2005, at least 465 vehicle bombings, including suicide car bombs and vehicles exploded by remote detonations, have killed at least 2,250 people in Iraq.

Too bad these idiots lack any sense of historical perspective, much less decency.

The following are from The Chronology Of World War Two: The Day By Day Illustrated Record 1939-1945:

Military and Civilian Casualties (Allies only)

Killed in action or died of wounds: 11, 237,793

Wounded: 4,015,536

Captured or missing: 7,391,433

Civilian deaths: 35,240,523

The U.S.A. alone:

Killed in action, or died of wounds: 292,131

Wounded: 671,801

Captured or missing: 139,709

Civilian deaths: 6,000

Yes, you read that right. More American civilians died in WWII than have died in the GWOT, which has now gone on longer than WWII, and will continue for many years.

I could care less anymore if the MSM is anti-war or pro-war, but in struggles of freedom vs. tyranny, at least they could offer some balanced perspective.

Fat chance, that.


They got their wish, the gleeful gibbering has begun:

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - The American military death toll in the Iraq war reached 2,000 Tuesday with the announcements of three more deaths, including an Army sergeant who died of wounds at a military hospital in Texas and a Marine and a sailor killed last week in fighting west of Baghdad.

The 2,000 mark was reached amid growing doubts among the American public about the Iraq conflict, launched in March 2003 to destroy Saddam Hussein's alleged weapons of mass destruction. None was ever found.

The media is doing its level best to demoralize this nation by ruthlessly tallying up the number of dead. They know that the historical knowledge of the average citizen is woefully inadequate. They feed on it, in an attempt to convince them that this war is Vietnam The Sequel.

Therein lies their folly. By assuming that you and me are too stupid to make any connection to the past, they beat the drum of despair.

They shriek 2000 dead!!!! For nothing!!!!!! No WMD!!!!!

Germany, Italy, Japan, Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary, and Romania had no WMD, either, yet this country sacrificed 292,000 of its best and its brightest to defeat the Axis.

If the media is going to use the same tactics in this war that they used to help turn public opinion against the Vietnam war, by magnifying the bad while ignoring the good, then I believe it's up to us bloggers to use history in order to provide some balance to this misinformation.

This post was not about numbers, it was not about "playing bingo" with the dead. I did this post to provide a historical perspective as to what this country was once willing to pay in order to secure its freedom and continued existence. Without that perspective, we run the risk of letting the propagandists of the other side form the picture in people's minds of what this war is about.

And it is more than apt to compare this conflict with WWII. Islamofascism and Nazism are nearly identical in their respective quests. It's even apt to compare this conflict with Vietnam, given that both are rife with spectacular Allied military victories that are twisted and spun to make them seem like defeat.

We owe our knowledge of the truth about Vietnam to diligent historians. Militarily, the United States crushed the enemy. North Vietnam suffered over 1 million casualties in that war. That truth wasn't consumed by the pubic at the time, they ended up demoralized, and were unwilling to see the victory through to the end.

We no longer have the luxury of time, my friends. History needs to be written now, in the face of this hostile media, a political party that no longer stops playing at the waters edge, and a public that consumes it's news in 30 second sound bites.

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