October 22, 2005

Burned Bodies, What Really Happened.

One of the big stories this week was the supposed desecration of enemy bodies in Afghanistan. See this interesting report on NPR from the photojournalist who filmed the shots. He says the report on Aussie TV was misrepresenting US soldiers. First click on listen to see what the man who was there said. Next read the transcript of the Aussie program to see if they jive. Let me seeā€¦.. Uh nope.

NPR:Stephen Dupont, the photojournalist who shot images of the incident, says he believes the Americans were following orders to burn the bodies for hygiene reasons.

The way I see it we gave em all damn day. Also note he says what no one else does. After the Taliban left these men to rot the next day the Americans sent a party to assist with the burial. Also note he says the corpses were not arranged in any fashion they were burned just where they fell. Read the transcript as well. Our boys look pretty good. Note the media twisting and spin the photographer is complaining about in bold. Also the media has twisted the timeline to sensationalize this.

Ok this is gross but when stuff dies all the parasites abandon the body. So if you are carrying a dead man you never know. The parasites will be in the ground around the body and on the body and will take the first chance they get to get on you. Eeeewwww gross cooties.

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