October 19, 2005

WTW AH Hates Winders !!!

So I pulled a late one last night & get early boot up. Then some detectothingy says I have a bad file and needs to go. So’s I get rid of it. It’s a library. Errr..ooops. So’s I get to run that one forever program on that thar shiny winders disk. Then the little woman starts fooling with the breaker box(hair dry and what no that's this breaker dear??) and I get to run that blue screen stuff over my disk again! Yep now I gets to run winders update.

Please stand by…..

(under breath mumbling %$$#%$# delays, delays get me dual boot or reload yer ass with Red Hat you %$%$# stupid detectothingy)

Here are your White Trash Wednesday bloggers

Updated: Matlock was good. Great day to be out. Strange this weekday at home life. I say we must start a Telco Tuesday to fight rising energy costs. Excuse me kids at school back later.

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