October 11, 2005

FBI: No Known Link Between Hinrichs & Terrorists

Interesting development in the Oklahoma suicide-bombing carried out by Joel Henry Hinrichs III on Oct. 1st outside a University of Oklahoma football game. CNS is reporting that the FBI is now denying that they have found any links between Hinrichs and Islamic terrorists. CNSNews:

The head of the FBI investigation of a suicide bombing at an Oklahoma University football game said the investigation has yielded no information tying the bomber to terrorist activities, in spite of Internet reports to the contrary.
The article, written by Nathan Burchfiel, is fairly critical of The Northeast Intelligence Network's (NIN) Director Douglas Hagmann, who has been a source of such information as the bomb being made out of TATP and who also claims to have information that jihadi material was found in Hinrichs' apartment:
When asked if NIN's reports are consistent with the FBI investigation, [Gary] Johnson [who is heading the investigation from the bureau's Oklahoma City office] said, "No," then added, Well okay the stuff that's found in his apartment, I can't comment on [be]cause it's part of a search warrant that's sealed.

"As this time," he said, "there is no known link between Hinrichs and any terrorist or extremist organization group or activity or activities." Johnson said the investigation is ongoing.

The article doesn't shut the door on Hinrichs being part of a larger Islamic terror cell, but it certainly seems that the FBI are not leaning in this direction.

As we stated the very first time we posted on Hinrichs, NIN has not proved to be the most reliable source in the past. Despite this, they remain on my daily reading list and I believe Hagmann provides a valuable service. It's very possible that some of the information past on to NIN them is incorrect, but that other bits of information given to them by their sources is wrong.

What we know about Joel Henry Hinrichs is dwarfed by what we don't know. For instance, Hinrichs attempting to purchase ammonium nitrates is part of the public record. What we don't know, though, is why Hinrichs was after ammonium nitrates if he was a lone suicidal nut. Maybe he just wanted to go out with a bigger-boom? It's possible.

So what is the truth about Hinrichs? Was he part of an Islamic terror cell in Norman, Oklahoma? Still too early to tell based on public information.

NIN more than stretches unrelated bits of information when they say follow the money and uniquivocally claim Hinrichs was part of a terror cell.

But it's also way too early to dismiss the notion given the context of the present war against radical Islam. When someone commits what is normally considered an act of war (suicide-bomb), during a time of war, it's not being hasty to come to the initial conclusion that the act in question was part of the larger war.

So, we'll continue to cover this story as a case of terrorism--just as the FBI continues to investigate it as an act of terrorism--until all avenues of investigation have been exhausted.

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