October 08, 2005

Oklahoma Bomber Not Seen on Security Tapes

The FBI says that JOEL HENRY HINRICHS III was not spotted on security tapes trying to enter the University of Oklahoma vs. Kansas State football game before he blew himself up just outside the stadium on October 1st.

This is important news that would indicate that earlier reports that Hinrichs was seen trying to enter the stadium, but ran away when security guards attempted to check his backpack, were wrong. If Hinrichs was really part of larger Islamic plot to commit an act of terrorism, then why didn't he try to get into the stadium where he could do maximun damage?

However, the report is unclear just how much of the stadium is under video surveillance. If all the entrance gates were not under surveillance, then the fact that Hinrichs does not appear on video is really a minor point.


A completed review of University of Oklahoma stadium surveillance tapes by the FBI did not spot Joel Henry Hinrichs III trying to get inside.
The same report also says that the bench where Hinrichs blew up was also not under surveillance. The bench was about 100 yards from the stadium.

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