October 07, 2005

OU President Denies Wider Plot, No Ticket Sold to Hinrichs

The President of the University of Oklahoma has sent an e-mail to students denying that JOEL HENRY HINRICHS III was part of a larger Islamic terror plot. OU is also officially denying that Hinrichs was sold a ticket for the game. They also claim that there is no evidence that Hinrichs tried to buy a scalped ticket.

News OK:

University spokeswoman Catherine Bishop said OU officials have reviewed their ticket records and determined that Hinrichs did not buy a football ticket from any university outlet.

She said university officials have heard nothing to indicate Hinrichs attempted to buy a ticket from one of the fans selling tickets outside the stadium.

What is interesting about this is that OU is denying allegations that have not been made. I have been following this case rather closely and have seen no one claim that Hinrich bought a ticket to the game that day.

There have been allegations by NEIN that there was a ticket to Algeria in Hinrichs' apartment, but not a OU-Kansas State game ticket.

There have been allegations that a student (and by conjecture this student has become Hinrich) attempted to enter the stadium and was turned away when he refused to have his bags searched, but not that he tried to buy a scalped ticket.

What is especially odd about this is that the refutation actually would seem to corroborate what many are saying: that Hinrichs was part of a larger terrorist plot to kill people at the game.

If Hinrichs attempted to enter the game and didn't buy the ticket himself, then one is led to the inevetable conclusion that someone else bought the ticket for him. If someone else provided Hinrichs the ticket and knew his intentions, then you have a wider plot. The Oklahoma bombing is a much bigger deal if not the act of a lone suicidal nut.

Further, OU continues to lead the public to believe that Hinrichs death had nothing to do with Islamic terrorism.

Here is a PDF copy of an e-mail sent by University of Oklahoma President, David Boren to all students yesterday. In it, he alludes to internet outlets, such as The Jawa Report, that have 'jumped to conclusions' about a wider Islamic terror plot, and lectures us about how this is 'un-American'.

Of course, it's not 'jumping to conclusions' to reflexively say that no such plot exists when in fact the investigation is ongoing. Further, to deny that radical Islam is somehow connected to terrorism is perfectly American, according to Boren.

Boren also tells students that if he learns of any information from the FBI concerning a wider conspiracy, he will 'immediately' let them know.

It's not clear how Boren would know what the FBI is doing in an ongoing terror investigation, and in which search warrants and indictments are under court seal, so that he could rush and warn his students that an Islamic terror cell is operating on his campus.

Whether or not Hinrichs was part of an Islamic terror cell operating in Oklahoma is still in the air. It's very possible that he was not, that some of the evidence pointing to such a plot is merely coincidence, or that some of the evidence we have reported previously was not true. But, based on what is in the public record now, it would be hard to avoid coming to the conclusion that Hinrichs death was probably a failed terrorist attack.

To deny that would be jumping to conclusion.

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