October 07, 2005

The Political Ties of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee

Mohamed ElBaradei and the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency have been awarded this year's Nobel Peace Prize. Of course, neither ElBaradei or the IAEA have done a single thing to prevent nuclear weapons proliferation, but at least they tried.

Who awards the Nobel Peace Price, and all other Nobel Prizes? From the Nobel Prize website:

The Norwegian Nobel Committee, whose five members are appointed by the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget), is entrusted both with the preparatory work related to prize adjudication and with the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize.
So, who are these five people who think so highly of the U.N. and for whom the world is misled into thinking are simple neutral observers? All of them are politicians. Every. Single. One.

Chariman Dr. Ole Danbolt MJØS. Held various positions in The Christian People's Party (Kristelig Folkeparti). This party is center-right in Norwegian politics. But center-right in Norwegian politics would be considerably to the left in the U.S., especially on social-welfare issues. On family-values issues they are more to the right.

Dr. Berge Ragnar FURRE is the former parliamentary leader of the Socialist Left Party. The Socialist Left Party is left by European standards--it was formerly a Communist party. Today though, like most formerly communist parties, the Socialist Left Party is part of the Red-Green coalitions so common in Europe.

Sissel Marie RØNBECK is former director of the Social Democratic Youth (Labour's youth group) and a former cabinet minister in the Labour led government. The Labour Party has long been a main political party in Norway and was founded as a Marxist party, but are now merely socialists and advocates of an extensive welfare state. They now govern Norway as part of a center-left-green alliance.

Inger-Marie YTTERHORN is a former parliament member and currently advises the Progress Party. The Progress Party in Norway is both anti-immigration party and would be considered more libertarian than the Conservative Party on economic issues.

Kaci Kullmann FIVE is a member of the Conservative Party and former member of parliament. The name kind of says it all. But a Norwegian Conservative is a far-cry from an American conservative--for instance they support gay adoption and EU integration.

So, five people get together and decide who should get the prize. All five are former politicians. So, why should any one care what they think? I don't.

More at LGF, OTB, and elsewhere. Hat tip: Macker.

UPDATED, now with accurate information after getting my ass fact-checked.

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