October 07, 2005

Indictment Forthcoming in Oklahoma Bombing?

joelhenryhinrichsIII.jpg An attorney for the Justice Department made an unusual statement today about the possibility of forthcoming arrests in the Oklahoma suicide-bombing case.

Last Saturday, Joel Henry Hinrichs III blew himself up outside of a University of Oklahoma football game. The FBI quickly stated that there was no evidence of a wider conspiracy.

However, WND reports this today (via Reaganites Unite):

The warrant used to execute a search of Oklahoma University bomber Joel "Henry" Hinrichs III's apartment, where an undetermined amount of explosives were found, has been sealed by a federal court at the request of the Justice Department.
A sealed warrant on top of the fact that the investigation is being led by the FBI's joint terrorism task-force may be an indication that the FBI is considering the possibility of a wider conspiracy after all.

Neighbors of Hinrichs allege that he was a frequent visitor to a nearby mosque, but the leader of the University of Oklahoma Muslim Student Association denies this. Hinrichs' roommate was a Pakistani national and sources claim jihad materials were found in Hinrichs' room.

Hinrichs was also under investigation by local police authorities because he had recently attempted to buy ammonium nitrate, a key ingredient in large bombs of the type used in the 1995 Oklahoma City Murrah bombing and the first World Trade Center bombing. Hinrichs killed himself before the investigation could be completed.

Even more interesting is this statement from Bob Troester, first assistance U.S. attorney in Oklahoma City, as reported by WND:

"You can draw whatever assumption you like," he said. "We don't comment on any sealed indictments." (emphasis mine)
An indictment is far different than a search warrant. An indictment would mean that arrests are forthcoming and that the FBI has discovered a criminal conspiracy since dead people can't be indicted.

Of course, it is entirely possible that Troester simply misworded his answer and that he meant to say warrant. But this also could be a strong indication that Hinrichs was in fact part of a larger Islamic terror cell and that his death was due to the premature explosion of his bomb.

While certainly not conclusive, there is some evidence that indicates that Hinrichs was part of a larger Islamic terrorist plot to kill American citizens at the University of Oklahoma. Please see this post for the details.

Bit hat tip to Reaganites Unite for the e-mail.

UPDATE 10/07 8:45 A.M.: MSM finally starting to report on this nationally. Classical Values is following MSM reaction here.

UPDATE 3:00 PM: Lawhawk says it well:

Indictments suggest that there are other individuals out there, and that this wasn't a lone individual who may or may not have had emotional problems. We're talking about the real distinct possibility of a terror cell operating in Norman, Oklahoma.
Mark Tapscott:
If...Hinrichs acted alone in committing suicide as a result of "problems" in his life, why seal the search warrant and thus prevent the public and reporters from seeing the most critical document of the investigation into the Oct. 1 bombing just outside OU's football stadium and its 84,000 fans watching the OU-Kansas State game?

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