October 06, 2005

Police Confirm Oklahoma Bomber Under Investigation

joelhenryhinrichsIII.jpg(Norman, OK) Norman, Oklahoma, police confirmed in a press conference today that JOEL HENRY HINRICHS III was being investigated because he had acted suspiciously while attempting to buy ammonium nitrate fertilizer at an area store. Channel 5 Oklahoma:

At a 2 p.m. news conference, Norman Police Department spokesman J.D. Younger said an off-duty, plainclothes officer overheard a conversation Joel Henry Hinrichs III had with the proprietor of a Norman feed store last Thursday at 4 p.m. The conversation centered on a purchase of ammonium nitrate fertilizer.

"I think it's important to note that it's not a criminal activity to purchase ammonium nitrate fertilizer," Younger said.

However, he noted that the context of Hinrichs' conversation with a manager of Ellison Feed & Seed was suspicious. Younger indicated that the off-duty officer reported that Hinrichs asked about different types of fertilizer and the concentration of ammonium nitrate in each.

Why is this suspicious? Because ammonium nitrate plus + diesel fuel = Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bomb!

What came of the investigation?

The officer, according to Younger, took a mental note of the conversation and its context, and then followed Hinrichs outside. The officer took down the student's license tag number, contacted Norman's police department dispatch operation, had Hinrichs checked for outstanding warrants -- but, alas, found nothing.

The officer continued his investigation Thursday night, but could only conclude that Hinrichs was an OU student and lived in university-subsidized housing. The officer did contact a Norman bomb squad technician; however, the plan at that time was for the off-duty officer to complete a written report for submission the following Monday.

So, an off duty cop thought the conversation he heard between Hinrichs and the store owner was suspicious enough to consult the bomb squad and start an investigation? Interesting, indeed.

Of course, Hinrichs blew himself up before the investigation could be completed. I wonder who the officer would have called next once he found out that Hinrichs roommate was a Pakistani national, jihad material was in his apartment, and neighbors claim Hinrichs attended a local mosque?

Still almost no MSM coverage of this story.

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin.

Earlier post here on evidence that JOEL HENRY HINRICHS III suicide may have been botched Islamic terrorist attack.

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