October 06, 2005

What Happened to Men?

Has the kinder, gentler world started taking over mainstream manliness? Are metrosexuals the new de facto standard in what men are supposed to be? I ask for numerous reasons but let me start off by saying I sure am glad I have a daughter and not a son. Why?

Reason #1: It's not okay to wear pink, son.

Pink is for girls, son. Just because a few of your friends are wearing pink (or any color with a semblance of pink) doesn't make it okay. Just because your girlfriend thinks you look manly in pink doesn't make it right for you to wear.

I point out this pink fashion trend mainly because of a shopping experience yesterday. My wife, daughter, and I were at some outlet mall here in Ohio and were searching for winter clothes for me (the daughter got squared away; don't worry). We walked into a Polo Ralph Lauren store after we walked out of the Tommy Hilfiger store and I was absolutely stunned. Polo had pink everything; from sweaters to shirts to pants if it could be made pink it was pink. There was more pink in the man's clothing store than there was in the Limited Too we had been in an hour earlier. It was simply disturbing. It shows a trend in today's society that if thought through can be traced back a long way.

Reason #2: You're a man, son. How come your sister is tougher than you are?

I was watching my daughter while my wife was out looking for some chocolate store so she could buy a gift. I was a little amazed about what was transpiring on a playground at the outlet mall. There was a group of boys and a group of girls. The boys were going down the slides and sliding down the sliding poles while the girls were playing in the dirt. Kids are kids, right? Boys want physical activity and girls want to create things, right? WRONG! The girls were down there because that's where they wanted to be and the boys weren't down there because, as a brother of one of the girls put it, "I don't want to get dirty." So much for snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails.

Has making boys more sensitive and caring really helped things? Sure, psychiatrists are getting more money and the number of boy bands have increased but is it really doing any good?

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