October 03, 2005

RINO Sightings, Little Piggies and Other Strange Happenings.

New RINO sightings is up it’s unearthly strange.

No more little piggie stress relievers. Gees give me a break. I hereby vow to eat left over pork chops at lunch every day for the duration of Ramadan.

Hat Tip: Big thanks to Mike at Mr. Muffler for getting Howie back on the road again for cheap.

In other strange and paranormal news Howie gets a beyond the Grave visit and interview with Ben Franklin. Actually I’ve been worried about buying propane and propane related accessories this year. Mainly the fuel, I mean I’m sitting on bone dry empty and winter is coming on. I entered the FS(that’s farm service city slicker) drawing for 100 bucks worth of free propane. Turns out I won. I mean I freaking won is that weird or not. Even stranger than that, Mr. Franklin’s ghost delivered the C note to my door. Below is a record of our exchange.

Updated: Ok no comment? Well let's try this. Scott Baio was on Arrested Development tonight as Lawyer Bob Loblaw. His lawfirm speicalizing in cool stuff like Fraud, Tax Evasion, money laundering. Hope you saw, it was good stuff.

Nipsey Russell has died Hat Tip: The Filthy One

Typhoone Longwang has struck China and 59 soldiers are missing. Aside from the name of the storm, not funny.

President Bush has appointed Harriet Miers as Associate Justice to the Supreme Court. No one likes her I mean nobody, which means I do I’m just that way. Actually I have not liked a few of Mr. Bush’s appointments. But his Supreme Court picks have been good. The best test I suppose will be the case load this session. That is if the Senate confirms Ms. Miers QUICKLY which will happen I think no sweat after all the hubub.

Woah She spells it different than Stephanie did her maiden name was Myers. From her kindergarten pic you would have never thought.

Howie: What the heck??

Mr. Franklin: Howie you’ve won one hundred bucks worth of free propane.

Howie: (swoon) Saints be praised, But I’m not sure I can accept it cause everyone on the blog says you are a traitor, What gives?

Mr. Franklin: Well Howie the official line is I was a double agent and when the Brits found out they spilled their guts. See one side usually knows a double agent is just that double. Sorry about those ships but I had to be convincing to the Brits. But just between you and me it was a conspiracy hatched at the Boston Masonic Lodge between me and three diamond dealers from New York in funny hats. THE JOOOOOOS.

Howie: Oh well in that case hand it over.

Quote of the week.

Paraphrased Davinci: "The human body is a vessel dedicated to the production of excrement".

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