October 03, 2005

Remembering the Forgotten American Hostages: Dean Sadek

dean_sadek1.jpgOver the weekend, al Qaeda made a bogus claim that it was holding two Marines hostage in Iraq, and later that the two had been executed. While such fictional claims are nothing new from al Qaeda, it serves as a reminder that several American civilians reamain in captivity.

We've been getting a number of hits about Dean Sadek today (thanks to Tim at Opinion Bug for the tip). Hopefully there is some impending good news that has not yet hit the MSM yet.

Mohammad Radeen Sadeq (better known by his Americanized name 'Dean Sadek') was working at the Baghdad airport as a civillian contractor when he was abducted from his home. It's not clear the exact date he was abducted, but al Jazeera showed a videotape released by the terrorist 1920 Brigades organization showing Sadek on Nov. 11th.

Dean Sadek was born in Lebanon but was a naturalized U.S. citizen who lived in the Charlotte, N.C. area. Dean Sadek's ex-sister-in-law left this comment saying Dean:

is a kind, giving individual who loves his two sons dearly. I'm hoping by he being of Lebanese descent that it would be in his favor. ...Why is he there? He is there to help the good people... If he loses his life he would be one more of the heroes to win freedom for others. I am totally devasted everyday not knowing what will happen to him besides his immediate family and children. My prayers are with him and the others daily fighting for freedom of others.
Our prayers are with Dean Sadek and his family too.

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