September 29, 2005

U.S. Forces Catch Over a Hundred Terror Suspects in Iraq: Dumb Terrorist Leaves RPG Thank You Note on Cell Phone

U.S. forces have captured over a hundred suspected terrorists in Iraq in the past week. Coalition Forces, often teaming up with Iraqi Army Soldiers, conducted 69 cordon and search operations and raids against anti-Iraqi forces over the past week, seizing 135 terror suspects and many weapons caches in and around the capital city.

In one incident, Soldiers were approached by an Iraqi citizen who told them that a suspicious car was parked in his neighborhood. The Soldiers searched four men near the car identified by the citizen and found bomb-making materials.

While the U.S. troops questioned the car owners, they stopped and searched a fifth man who was acting suspiciously. The man's cell-phone history contained a message from another terrorist that roughly translated into "Thanks for the use of the rocket-propelled grenades."

Can terrorists really be that stupid? Yes they can. I wonder if this is one of the guys 'Abu Musab al-Zarqawi' was referring too here?

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