September 29, 2005

Judge Gives Terrorists New Weapon: More Abu Ghraib Photos to be Released

In a time of war, the first and primary duty of the government of the United States is and ought to be TOTAL VICTORY. Any agent of the government who intentionally gives the enemy a tool to fight us with has betrayed the public trust and must be removed. U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein ought to be impeached and his order ignored.


Saying the United States ``does not surrender to blackmail,'' a judge ruled Thursday that pictures of detainee abuse at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison must be released over government claims that they could damage America's image.

U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein ordered the release of certain pictures in a 50-page decision that said terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan have proven they ``do not need pretexts for their barbarism.''

What a total idiot. Of course they don't need pretext for their barbarism, but what they do need is pretext for the fundamentialists to support their barbarism. What they do need is pretext to recruit the true believer into the ranks.

Terrorists do not kill because they like to kill. Terrorists kill because they believe they are doing the right thing. Thank you judge, thank you ACLU, you are doing the terrorists job of 'winning the hearts and minds' of the world for them and are helping recruit hundreds and thousands of more terrorists to kill your fellow citizens!

Hat tip to Jay from Stop the ACLU who has more here as does Ace from Ace of Spades HQ here and California Conservative here.

UPDATE: Just in case you were not clear on the difference between the abuses at Abu Ghraib and actual torture: 'Torture' vs. Torture

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