September 21, 2005

Every Little Bit Helps

A few rumblings amongst bloggers and commenters have called the vastly Conservative led Porkbusters project an attempt in futility for a myriad of reasons one being that cutting the pork simply won't be enough.

I'm just curious though, since cutting the pork out of federal and state budgets isn't going to be enough to cover all the Katrina (and impending Rita) repair and rebuild costs then what good is it to donate to The Salvation Army? Seriously, what good is my measly donation going to do then? I personally can't bankroll The Salvation Army's entire relief effort so why should I donate?

I'll tell you why; every little bit helps. Getting the pork out of our budgets might not cover the costs to repair all the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina, but every little bit helps.

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