September 14, 2005

WTW Cube Farm Living, Crimson Love Monkey Edition

Yes my company is having an open house this week. We are all supposed to remove any and all traces of personality from our work area. You know make it look just so. The man has sent down orders that all goofy stuff is to come down. My Aussie cube mate and I have formed a rebellion against this evil. For where ever there is a cube we fight for freedom.

Aussie refuses to take down his love monkey.

Howie refuses to take down the Tower of Stupidity.

.Will it last? Who will win this war of personality? We face a long struggle against a powerful enemy. Here is some background on the tower of stupidity. It’s my little 9/11 memorial and also a fun way to have a flag stick up over my cube. On 9/12 we came to work and every cube had a little flag on it. See the small flag on the left hand side it’s an original 9/12 toothpick flag. Worked a couple weekends after that and built the tower from happy meals via my bosses daughters. It’s been standing nearly four years and it will be standing longer. Should Aussie dude and I loose this battle rest assured that as soon as the tourists are gone both the tower and the crimson love monkey will return to their rightful place in our cubes along with my hot Marge Simpson poster. Also for those of you who care Howie did start up that new batch of fine wine this week. Due date on the booze is 10/31. The love monkey was a gift from Aussie's new bride.

Updated: Guess who's coming to the open house Ernie Fletcher. No comment. Well maybe below the break.

Well maybe you would think Ernie would appreciate a broken rule or two huh? We loose. I rank him right up there with George Ryan. Sorry all you dead people from NYC the man owns my ass. Nothing pisses me off like a politician that can't follow the law. Especially when it's my party who's reputation gets besmirched. Actually I think Ernie is a pretty good guy it's the men under him that screwed up. I'm so glad that the Governor finally did the right thing. You know Mr. Fletcher I've not spoken about this the whole time I've been blogging because well I fear for my job for one. It was hard enough for the party to get the Gov office in a mostly Democratic state and I'm afraid we've shot ourselves in the foot. I've broken a few rules before myself and its about attitude. You know admit it and take yer medicine. I had to and DICK Mergatroid should too. I think you have been taken by the very people you hired to work for you and good luck. I think you will find that when you stand up and take responsability for your mistakes most people and judges will give you a break. But 77% of the people of your state were miffed at the pardons. I've spoken to a lot of KY Republicans that aren't too happy either

Not quite readable quote from the pic.

It is an honor for a man to cease from strife: But every fool will be meddling. Prov 20:3.

Also a reader points out that David Paulison

This is the same David Paulison who gave us the infamous "duct tape" scare a little over two years ago.

I sent him this. come on everyone knows we trashy white men love duct tape. It's the stuff.

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