September 09, 2005

More Charges Against American Terrorist Ahmed Omar Abu Ali

More charges have been filed against Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, the Virginia terrorist linked to al Qaeda. Yesterday, a federal grand jury formally broungt an indictment against the former valedictorian of a Saudi government run Islamic school in Virginia.

The new charges in the indictment alleged that Ahmed Omar Abu Ali plotted to bring members of an al Qaeda cell into the country through Mexico in order to commit acts of terrorism on American soil. The indictment reaffirmed earliler allegations made by the FBI that Ali planned to assassinate President George W. Bush.

The Washingto Post reports:

The new nine-count indictment also adds charges of conspiracy to commit aircraft piracy and destroy aircraft, part of the Justice Department's allegations that Abu Ali was plotting with al Qaeda to conduct a Sept. 11-style attack in the United States that would include hijacking planes.
How have Muslim Americans reacted? The Muslim American Society of America and of North America have no new press releases concerning Ahmed Omar Abu Ali. However, both websites continue to raise money for the traitor Ali's defense.

These two organizations have ties to the original radical Salafist movement, The Muslim Brotherhood. Al Qaeda broke ties with that group in the early 1990s when the former disclaimed violence as a method of acheiving the same goals espoused by both groups. The mosque attended by Ali has direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Saudi funded Islamic school attended by Ali, at the time he attended, had a Wahhabi curriculum that included textbooks with anti-semetic conspiracy theories. Ali's father works at the Saudi Arabian embassy. His mother, pictured above, can be seen wearing a full cover veil in public.

For some odd reason, official Muslim advocacy organizitions continue to believe that Ahmed Omar Abu Ali is innocent and that there is a massive plot against him and other Muslims. It's almost as if their first loyalty is with something other than their 'beloved' country. I'm praying for the day that Muslims abandon organizations like MAS and CAIR en masse......

Ali's arraignment hearing is set for next Wednesday. He is expected to plead not guilty.

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