September 06, 2005

Saudis Kill Two Al-Qaeda Most-Wanted

(Damman, Saudi Arabia) According to an early report in the Arab News, two al-Qaeda members on the list of 36 most-wanted terrorists have been killed in a gunbattle outside a supermarket in the city of Damman in eastern Saudi Arabia. The two dead terrorists were identified as Zaid Saad Al-Samari, 31, and Walid Mutlaq Al-Radadi, 21. Two Saudi policemen also died from wounds received in the battle.

An area used as an operations center in Damman was put under siege by Saudi Security Forces.

"Sporadic gunfire is continuing around the buildings where the members of the deviant group are holed up," one security source said, adding that there were 10 suspects inside.

"The security forces have reinforced their positions and are bringing in bulldozers and additional heavy equipment."

"We're in no rush to storm the building as we’re hoping to capture them alive and obtain information about wanted terrorists," he said.

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There were unconfirmed reports that terrorists had killed one of their own colleagues when he tried to surrender to security officers.

The reports also indicated that the terrorists might have run away from Madinah after their commander Saleh Al-Oufi was gunned down by security forces last month.

The U.S. Consulate in the adjacent city of Dhahran was closed due to security concerns related to the shootout.

In an updated report from Reuters, Saudi Security forces stormed the terrorist stronghold and "cleared and secured" the area. A source estimated that at least six terrorists were killed and ten were wounded. Four policemen also died.

I think it's great that the Saudis are going after the al-Qaeda terrorists in the kingdom. However, they'll never win because they're fighting an enemy that continues to be resupplied with recruits from the Wahabi mosques and schools within the country. So, they're destined to fight forever unless the schools are reformed or dismantled which, of course, won't happen since Saudi Arabia is officially a Wahabi Nation.

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